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No more dodgy business

While the majority of retailers are honest, unfortunately, there is also a small group of unfaithful ones.


But now, with the development of a new iPhone app, no retailer will be able to cheat the new streamlined Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The first of its kind, the free MyShopRights iPhone app, developed by Consumer Affairs Victoria will enable consumers to negotiating with a salesperson about their rights in getting on-the-spot refunds, repairs or replacements.

Under the reformed ACL, which can into force on 1 January 2011, retailers, service providers, manufacturers, importers and other suppliers are required to notify the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission within two days of learning that a consumer product or service has caused, or may cause, serious injury, illness or death.

  • Anonymous

    I trust that the honest retailers will not be
    taken advantage of by the
    dishonest customers who return with goods
    they have dropped or damaged after leaving the shop
    and adamantly hop up and down whilst demanding
    a refund for the goods they claim were damaged by us;
    the retailers and sold to them in that state.
    Who protects us from the nasties ????